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let me see how much you can take

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Shout out to Denny’s for having one of those handicap stalls with its own private sink, mirror, and everything. Like my own private potty! You go Denny’s!


Mmmm yes please

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Lately it seems we argue about sex more often than should be normal… I just can’t help that I constantly want it. Every day, multiple times a day.. but he’s not always in the mood and that frustrates me. I don’t know why I’m like this, I didn’t used to be but now all I want to do is hang out at home, fuck around, and play video games or watch movies. 



If a wizard watched Doctor Who and the Weeping Angels became their worst fear then they came across a Boggart and it changed into an Angel, and since whatever takes the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel, would that bring Angels into existence in the Harry Potter universe?


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